Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape

Has anyone seen Lindsay Lohan nude pictures already? If that’s so then why don’t you just do it another time?

I saw this photo today from the cover of One Last Dance with Patrick Swayze and Lisa there. Oh boy, that photo looks so great and they are sort of dancing there. Ok, let me tell you some details.

First of all the background is amazing. You can see there either New York or it could be Chicago. I live I LA so don’t bother you know. It is pretty nice to see that kind of ocean and downtown with some skyscrapers there. And it seems that they are dancing right on the water which is surely not like that.

You know what I have just realized? Sometimes you don’t have to see woman naked to appreciate how really sexy she is. For example, I think that white dress underlines her body almost perfectly so there is no need for me to see Lindsay Lohan naked as I know that already. But you can do that because that is why you came on this website, right? Don’t look at me because I am a pro in that business and I have been doing this stuff for more than two years for now so I guess I know what I’m doing.

They were some nice couple and it is too bad that Patrick has died and we really miss him. Anyway, I have to say goodbye to ya’ll and see you right here with some new hot celebrity chick.

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